Wonderwalls is a place for fun and inspiring prints and products that are designed to inspire us and our kids to be themselves so we feel confident and free to face whatever life throws at us.

It’s run by me, Tom, a dad and graphic designer.

Before the pandemic took hold I was up to my eyeballs in my usual graphic design freelance work that had kept me busy nearly all my working life. That came to a shuddering halt and with my second child on the way, I needed to have a rethink and fast!

I launched in October 2020 with just a handful of prints and now have hundreds of designs that span posters, cards, homeware and clothing. I’m particularly proud of my Stick that In Your Stereotype range which aims to smash down the harmful, wide-spread impact gender stereotyping is on having our children.

The range has been featured across a number of publications and has been used in primary schools as a teaching aid.

Just a few months after launch I was nominated for Best Newcomer at Holly Tucker’s inaugural Independent Award, which celebrate the very best creative small businesses across the UK.

All my work is inspired by my own experiences of childhood, parenting and dealing with grief. The common link through all of these is my Mum. She died when Casper, my first child, was just 6 months. I created a card for Mother’s Day called ’She Lives In You’ and I truly believe that. The way she raised me and the memories she gave me inspire everything I do. I actually think Wonderwalls gives me a way of relieving some of that grief I carry and sharing my love for her.

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